Our Objective

Our objective is to empower incarcerated women battling addiction issues on their journey to healing and restoration prior to release to give them the tools to maintain recovery post-incarceration. We go into Coffee Creek Correctional Facility and implement the 21-week “Genesis Process” (GP) for participants, in small groups of 6-8 each. GP is an evidenced-based platform that provides guided lessons to give women the techniques and tools they will need to successfully re-enter the community after incarceration.


Collaboration with other providers in the community is critical to the success of these women. We are establishing relationships with other organizations to provide additional services that will be needed to bring these women home.

Our Support

We have the support of other GP providers at: Imago Dei; Abundant Life Church (Groups); Sharon Correll (Genesis Counseling Certification & Mentorship and one- on-one counseling); Portland Rescue Mission Shepherds Door (Groups); Lynn Hansen (one-on-one counseling); Dave Schriven (one-on-one counseling).


Do you feel stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior or relationships? Have you experienced trauma or loss? At Refuge, we find healing in community through a transformative process of self-examination, sharing, encouragement and accountability. We strive to be a safe place where our pain and our struggles are met by Christ’s love and grace…

The Genesis Process

GP is an evidenced-based platform using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Modification, which is the number one evidence-based program used for addiction recovery throughout the nation. It explains the neurochemical factors as well as anxieties and fears that catalyze addiction…

About Us: Who We Are

We are essentially a brand new, grassroots organization with neither national nor federal funding.

What we do have are addiction services offered before release and then afterwards in nurturing environments that will allow these women with addiction disabilities to transition from incarceration back home into our communities with tools necessary to sustain healthy, wholesome lives.

A brand-new organization, WHH formed when, after working with prison ministries for over seven years, Executive Director Tara Calverley realized there was a dramatic disparity between reentry services available to at-risk women than that for men.


Welcome Home! It's been a long journey.

We will be different once we open our transitional re-entry housing piece of our ministry from other transitional housing, because it will be structured around the healing and restoration with Genesis Process groups and one on one Genesis counseling. Upon leaving prison each woman will have 6 months to 1 year in our faith based transitional re-entry housing. Three components are very important to their success and healing; support, training and mentoring/accountability; participation and accountability are non negotiable while living WHH. Job training and support will be offered as needed. They will be required to look for work, but it will not be their primary focus. By the second month the expectation will be that they be able to contribute back to the house. They will not be paying rent, but contributing back to the functioning of the the house as if it were your home.

Participation in transformational/support groups are an imperative for each resident. Each resident will start with Genesis Process one on one counselor; they will also, be assigned a case manager. As a part of their recovery process and relapse prevention plan they will be involved in recovery meetings and Genesis change groups. Once they have completed the Genesis change group, they will have the opportunity to participate in other more intensive transformational groups through Imago Dei’s Refuge Community; this work will bring each individual to the next level of their holistic healing. Upon leaving Welcome Home Housing they will have the skills and mental stability necessary to thrive and succeed in their communities independent of WHH.









Our Team & Board


Tara Calverley

Tara Calverley, who has been trained, that will create a successful GP program. WHHis the vehicle by which GP can be taught pre-release in Oregon. WHH will also offertransitional housing to the women who exit incarceration and have no other place tolive. GP will continue for many of these women during their time in WHH housing.

Caryn Ficker

Caryn Ficker is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Recovery Mentor. She partners with people who are experiencing very difficult life situations and works with them to provide various resources and life skills to better equip them to make positive changes for their future.

Michael Calverley

Executive Director
Michael Calverley, MBA, currently works for Comcast – NBC Universal. His previous work experience is in retail, technology, financial services, and telecommunications. Michael’s primary roles include operations, marketing, finance, and sales.

Curtis Bailey

Curtis Bailey, a mechanical engineer, is an engineering director at Lam Research, a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company. He has a passion for helping children and people grow deeper relationships with Christ, serving as a leader with YoungLife, church children’s ministry, and leading small groups.

Bill Wooten

Bill Wooten, is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran (1961-64) who has spent many years in service as an ordained Minister (ordained through IFCA in 1971). Bill attended Shasta College in Redding, California and Multnomah School of the Bible (1965-69, presently Multnomah University).

Celia Kane

Genesis Facilitators-Coffee Creek Correctional
Celia Kane has lived in several different regions of the United States, and in New Zealand. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Lawrence university in Appleton, Wisconsin in Art and Anthropology. She taught elementary school for 6 years and has worked with special needs children. She maintains her Oregon massage license and continues to study nutrition and various modality of personal physical space and safety.

She just finished her Masters degree in Womens Transformational Leadership at Western Seminary in Portland Oregon. Her wonderful two sons and husband keep her busy. She does volunteer work in several areas to help women gain confidence in themselves and to learn how to make healthy and informed choices to create sustainable lifestyles.


Denise Dinette

Denise Dinette, currently the manager of the Mountain View Women’s Recovery House and works at The Miracle’s Club in Portland. Her personal history with drug addiction, failed treatment attempts, and time in prison gives her special insight into WHH’s work and clients.

While in prison, Denise became a Certified Para- ophthalmologist and completed three years of Non-Violent Communications classes. She met Tara through the Prison Fellowship program who became her mentor. Denise graduated from the Women’s Transitions Program at Mt. Hood Community College and attained a license to become a Certified Recovery Mentor in 2017. Currently, she serves as a mentor for the MHCC program.

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